Advice and answers from the Fraim Team

What is Fraim?

Fraim transcribes and analyses video and audio files you upload, from interviews to focus-groups to voice-memos.  It then synchronizes this information back to your original media so that you can search, interact with it, and share it with your team, customers, audience or world.

Who is Fraim for?

Anybody who wants to know what is inside a Video or Audio file or who is currently paying too much for expensive and slow transcription services, from market researchers to journalists to doctors to secretaries.

How does Fraim work?

Fraim uses state-of-the-art automatic speech to text to transcribe hours of media in seconds, and then synchronizes this information back to the original media inside our Fraim Player.  Just upload a file, and in seconds you will have a searchable, interactive, sharable Fraim.

How accurate is Fraim?

With clear dialogue, our automatic transcription is 95%+ accurate.  However, if your file is unclear or has background noise or cross-talk, we also offer Human Transcription - it's a little slower, and more expensive, but sometimes you need an expert to hear exactly what is being said.

How much does Fraim cost?

-Free (5 Fraims)
-Light ($15/month),
-Pro ($30/month)
-Enterprise (POA).

How much does Fraim Transcription cost?

-Automatic transcription: $0.10 per-media-minute.
-Manual transcription: $1.00 per-media-minute.

How long does Fraim Analysis cost?

-Automatic transcription: Near real-time.
-Manual transcription: 2-12 hours.

What languages does Fraim support?

-Automatic Transcription: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic.
-Manual Transcription: English.

What is the difference between Transcription and Analysis?

Fraim Transcription creates a written copy of the spoken dialogue inside video or audio media and synchronizes this to the media itself so that you can search it and go to that moment in the original file.
Fraim Analysis spots the important elements inside this transcript, from Keywords to mentions of people, places, companies, brands, concepts and others.

Can I edit my Fraim Transcripts?

Yes - Fraim has a Transcript Editor.

Is Fraim secure?

Yes - Fraim is HIPPA compliant.

Does Fraim have an API?

Yes - just email to request access.

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